Thursday, August 25, 2011

no guts to talk to mom.

hey mom, hows life? :)

i'm doing good here .. and i hope you too..
btw, i miss you.. yes, you and daddy.. and my lil cutie brad jojo.. but i dont feel like go back home. hahahaa..

i'm so lonely here. hahhahaaa.. ridiculous!
what? my friend fila? she's on her way to the airport, going back to the hometown..
and my boyfriend? we got a fight, and he told me that he didnt wanna meet me up although i begged,
whereas tomorrow is our 3rd anniv .. *sigh.. i hate if you're with me when i'm happy, and leave me when i really need a shoulder !!!!!!!!!

anyway, mom..
there's a thing that i wanna let you know about me, but as soon as i realized that i hadn't any guts to tell you so i kept it secret.. and i knew it wont be secret anymore since i decided to let my fingers typing here.

i couldnt say to you that i'm alrite but i'm lil scared cus i dont even know whats going on and what kind of thingy inside me.. it hurts.. but dont worry i'm ok :)
even its going to be worst, let we put it to God's hand :)
but, i hope i'll be just fine and nothing worst that would be happen to me, my self.
as i know that my God is a healer, i put my faith on Him :)

lots of love


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